GP Availability

Dr Angus McMyn

Day Times
Monday 08:30-12:00
Tuesday 08:30-12:00
Wednesday 08:30-12:00
Thursday 08:30-12:30
Friday 08:30-12:00

Dr James Woodward

Day Times
Monday 08:30-12:20
Tuesday 08:30-12:20
Wednesday 08:30-12:20
Thursday 08:30-12:40
Friday 08:30-12:20

Dr Sarah Cardew and Dr Emma McMyn

Dr Sarah Cardew and Dr Emma McMyn work together sharing Dr Sarah Cardew’s patient list. They adhere to the following timetable:

Day Dr Sarah Cardew Dr Emma McMyn
Monday No Surgery 08:30-12:10
Tuesday No Surgery 08:30-12:10
Wednesday 08:30-12:10
No Surgery
Thursday 08:30-12:30 No Surgery
Friday 08:30-12:10 No Surgery

Dr Rohit Sethi

Day Times
Monday No Surgery
Tuesday 15:00-17:50
Wednesday No Surgery
Thursday 15:00-17:50
Friday No Surgery